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Saturday, December 03, 2005


Muscle memory is supposed to endure. You learn to skate, ride a bike, you never forget how. So how come I feel like my body has, within the span of two weeks, forgotten how to run?

Seriously. Two weeks ago my running was really progressing. I did a 25k week (I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but that's serious commitment for me!), and capped it off with an amazing run that lasted an hour and a quarter. I was elated! The marathon was in reach! Anything was possible! And I didn't even hurt.

Scratch that. I didn't hurt until the next day, which was when my knees, never my most stalwart attribute, started to whine - in their silent but painful, knee-ish way - like nothing else. So, I did what any sensible athlete does - took two days off exercise, stretched, iced. Fine. But then, feeling fully recovered, I attempted to run on the third day - and found my legs were like lead after a mere couple of laps. So I cut the distance short and tried again the next day. Surprise - same thing. It was as though every step I took, I had to peel my shoes off the track, and my shins in particular were turning into granite.

This was obviously a good time to re-evaluate. And I came up with my oh-so-brilliant aforementioned plan to cross-train for a while till I was fully healed. I did this diligently all week - went swimming, spinning, rock climbing, weight training, stretching - even took a day off to rest! Man, I rocked this week. I was exercise goddess. I was on fire. And then today, I tried to run.

Well, I eked out a mile and I was done for. And not even a fast one at that. From the waist up, I could've gone for an hour - but unfortunately legs are just a teensy bit important in this business we call running. Can I chalk it up to the lack of running this week - do I just need a little patience until I get my running muscles back into the swing of things?

Or have my goddamn legs actually managed to forget how to run?


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