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Friday, December 02, 2005

Sugar wars

An athlete is supposed to be a person of scrupulous tastes in matters of food - we are told to pick food that is rich in nutrients, low in fat; load up on iron, and calcium, and fibre, and omega-3's.... yada, yada. So I know that the better quality food you eat, the better you are likely to perform... an you look a lot less tubby, on top of everything.

I was also informed yesterday morning that "kids these days" (am I a kid these days? probably) are ruining our arteries and our bodies with crapola food from McDonalds and company (and I bet these experts haven't even SEEN the food at my damn cafeteria...) - and that the current average age of a heart attack patient is about 35-40 and dropping. Scary, isn't it? So scary that I virtuously ordered myself a grilled chicken sandwich with tons of veggies on multigrain bread for lunch, with a chocolate milk to drink - not bad, right?

That was lunch.

Hours passed by, as they do, and I was hungry, and thirsty, and cranky, the whole bit. This is the part of the day when Second Cup becomes my friend. But not my body's friend, apparently. Because I think: hm. I should have some tea. That would be something to be relatively proud of, right? Maybe I'll even make it a green tea and blow myself away.

Not likely.

The call of the caramel corretto is irresistable. And a regular is just too small. Let's go for a large. Okay, I'll compromise: no whipped cream, please. But, the server, genius that she was, put whipped cream on it anyway.

While I was contemplating whether or not my waspish politeness would permit me to inform her of her error, my eye was caught by the incredibly delicious looking gingerbread men on the counter. Obviously set out there to be the cause of my downfall. What's a girl to do? I walked away $7 poorer, guiltier, and fatter. But the sugar rush was GREAT.

Eating healthy will have to start today, I guess.

Yeah, right :)


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